Author: Ken Rieman

Join us for Easter, in-person, outdoors!

We are so excited to be gathering with in-person for worship, for the first time in over a year!

Worship starts at 10:40 am, and we’ll be streaming on Zoom, as well. Please email ‘kenrieman’ at gmail to request credentials.

Just a few considerations for safety and comfort while we’re together…

We know Easter is special, and some folks like to dress up. Just know, if you’re dressing to please God, then you won’t go wrong dressing for the weather because we’re sitting on the lawn and expecting temperatures to range from 56-60F, with winds at 5-6 mph. And some folks are moving chairs and setting up equipment. Pastor Ken is wearing jeans, so don’t feel bad about informal dress.

We’ll be seated in a semi-circle facing the mulberry tree by the fire-pit, with our backs mostly to the sun. I think we’ll have people to help guide your parking in positions to obstruct traffic noise, parking along the south side of the gravel drive and south side of the asphalt lot. If you need to pass from the gravel to the asphalt, or vice versa, please use care. You’ll be driving over a board protecting the cables bringing power and internet to our worship space.

As we gather, please place chairs or blankets first in the middle of our seating area, and then expand left and right and back, preserving at least 6 feet of space between households. We want to avoid spacing out so far at the beginning that folks are left trying to squeeze into spaces that are too small. If you don’t bring your own seating, we’ll have folding chairs available.

We’ll ask everyone to be masked, except those speaking or singing from microphones up front.

The upstairs bathrooms will be available, but we ask that only one at a time use each bathroom, and that we not congregate anywhere indoors.

Finally, we’ll thank you for your patience and accommodation of unforeseen issues. We’ll surely learn how to smooth out the wrinkles with time.

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Join us for Sunday Services online with Zoom Meeting

Join us for Sunday Services online with Zoom Meeting. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we’ve cancelled our regular in-person events and are streaming our Sunday services.  The Zoom platform is interactive, allowing participants to be seen and heard, if they wish.  For most, it will require installing and registering the Zoom app.  Some may […]

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CoB Action Alert: President slashes number of refugees admitted to U.S.

The Church of the Brethren Office of Peacebuilding and Policy is calling on members to advocate for refugees fleeing from violence, persecution and other crises.

Though global refugees number 26 million, the most since WWII, the Trump administration is cutting the number who are allowed to settle in the United States. In 2016, the annual cap was 85,000. Since then, it’s been reduced to record lows: 45,000, then 33,000. In September, the President set the 2020 cap at 18,000, and some in the administration want it set to zero.

The Church of the Brethren Statement on Undocumented Persons and Refugees in the United States urges the nation to be more responsive to the many conditions leading people to flee their homes, and calls upon church members to…

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