CoB Action Alert: President slashes number of refugees admitted to the US.

The Church of the Brethren Office of Peacebuilding and Policy is calling on members to advocate for refugees fleeing from violence, persecution and other crises.

Though global refugees number 26 million, the most since WWII, the Trump administration is cutting the number who are allowed to settle in the United States.  In 2016, the annual cap was 85,000. Since then, it’s been reduced to record lows: 45,000, then 33,000. In September, the President set the 2020 cap at 18,000, and some in the administration want it set to zero.

The Church of the Brethren Statement on Undocumented Persons and Refugees in the United States urges the nation to be more responsive to the many conditions leading people to flee their homes, and calls upon church members to advocate on their behalf.

The GRACE Act, now introduced in Congress (H.R. 2146/S. 1088) would set 95,000 as a minimum goal for refugee admissions and provide robust oversight and appropriations to achieve it.

If this concerns you, please contact your legislators and the White House and urge their support of the Grace Act. You can find more info here, and talking points here.