Urgent Appeal: Replacing the church air conditioning system

July 9, 2019

Dear church family,

Last fall the church council directed the stewards commission to solicit quotes for updating the cooling systems at the church and the parsonage. You’ve likely noticed that the church system had been limping along on just one of its two compressor units for a few years but this season is no longer working at all. The parsonage cooling system has been in need of frequent, expensive repair and coolant recharging. Both systems have exceeded their design life expectancy, and beginning in 2020, the R-22 refrigerant they each use will no longer be manufactured, making further repairs impractical.

As the stewards commission solicited and reviewed quotes this spring and early summer, we were fortunate to have had some reprieve from the heat...until now. The executive committee met in June, and decided to go ahead with the parsonage system immediately using money available in the Capital Improvement Fund and Facility Maintenance budget account. We also agreed to begin fundraising for the system in the main building by securing donations, pledges and, if necessary, no-interest loans. To begin work we’ll need to reach our target of $38,750. We understand that this is a major undertaking for our congregation but the reality is that the building is not fully usable for all people without cooling.

We’re very grateful for those who have already made informal pledges of support. We’d like to update you as we make progress toward our goal, so please email your pledges to our financial secretary and mark your checks Capital Improvement Fund in the memo line.

Thank you for considering your part in keeping our worship and meeting spaces comfortable and welcoming. We’re hoping to reach our goal in the next few weeks so the work can be completed this season.

In Peace,

Mark Shafer, Board Chair
mrkdds1@outlook.com 574.276.0940 mobile